Walker Piano Key Service

Old Piano Ivory Heads & Tails are used by artists, craftsmen, collectors, & hobbyists for ivory jewelry, ivory necklaces, ivory pendants & marquetry inlay.

All (pre-embargo) elephant piano keytop ivory must be sold to U.S. customers only. Antique piano keytop ivory shipments can only be shipped within the continental USA. It is illegal to export/transport to a foreign country. No exceptions!!

This is used (pre-embargo) piano keytop ivory removed from piano keys over a period of many years in our piano key restoration business.

All antique used piano ivory heads and tails may have small hair-line cracks and/or small nicks. The ivory color will vary from white to deep yellow. Thickness and grain lines will vary.

All antique sharps are made of wood. Some are made of ebony, some of other wood species.

All keys are sold "as is" and are uncleaned. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

1-99 100-199 200+
Heads $3.00 Each
$2.00 Each
$1.00 Each

Tails $1.00 Each
Extra Wide Tails $10.00 Each
Ebony Sharps $3.00 Each
Other Wood Sharps $1.00 Each

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